Warrugs / planned

Documentary, 90 minutes

Afghanistan is famous for wars and carpets. The Afghan war rugs are less well known. About 30 Years ago, they were woven by hand for the treatment of trauma. Today they are produced as souvenirs for foreign soldiers and tourists.

In search of traces of the weavers of the first war rugs, the film leads from Hamburg to Kabul and Herat.

Script development funded by the Filmcommission Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein GmbH, 2012.

Participant in the Bavarian First Movie Program since 2014

Phantompain Mladic

Documentary, 90 minutes / Production: HUPE Film Cologne

20 years after the beginning of the Bosnian war, Miso Esic goes on a journey along the hiding places of the former Serbian general Ratko Mladic.

Miso wants to find out why the presumed war criminal only 16 years after his escape was arrested and brought to trial.

Trailer "Phantompain Mladic"

Development funded by the filmcommission NRW 2009

Participant in the Ex Oriente-workshop 2010

Noel and Kiara

Documentary, 30 minutes / Production: Helga Bahmer 2013

Kiara was born healthy three years ago. In her first months of life, she suffered a shaken impact syndrom.

Because of that she is seriously disabled and blind.

With every cold, her functioning of the body may refuse completely, so that she must die. Kiaras biological parents gave her up long ago. Today, the girl lives with blind foster parents. How does her new family deal with the complicated situation?

Luck is luck

Documentary, 23 minutes / Production: KHM Cologne 2010

For ten years the Chinese SI lives in Germany. Life between the cultures affects her everyday life. She tries to hold together her global network by mobile phone, the internet and meetings at international airports.

Script, Directing & Editing: Helga Bahmer

Cinematographer: Simone Friedel

Sound: Anna Weisse


Shortfilm, 21 minutes / Production: KHM Cologne 2008

Doris, the wife of a rich businessman, struggles with her corrupt husband, her own lethargy and her possessive house manager. Until an old friend appears, which seems to be helpful.

A Co-Production with the FH Dortmund

Filmfestival of the HHU in Düsseldorf 2008

„Umtau“ Filmfestival in Leer 2009

Script, Directing & Editing: Helga Bahmer

Cinematographer: Simone Friedel

Sound: Benjamin Simon

The forgotten Brigade

Documentary, 7:30 minutes / Production: KHM Cologne 2007


"Subbotnik" was called the annual spring cleaning in the GDR in the style of the Soviet Union. In an East German housing estate, at the edge of the town Schwerin, this tradition is still taken very seriously.

Filmfestival Kassel 2007

1. jury award of the competition “Ich bin im Bilde” 2008

„Niemieckie Niuansa-German Details“ in Poland 2009

Script, Directing & Editing: Helga Bahmer

Cinematographer: Simone Friedel

Sound: Benjamin Simon

Distant relatives

Documentary, 52 minutes / Production: Bahmer&Friedel 2005


60 Years after their banishment from former Yugoslavia, a group of Germans goes to their birthplaces in the Vojvodina. Helga Bahmer, who is grown up in Germany, accompanies her father on this trip.

DOK Market, Filmfestival in Leipzig 2006

Alabama Cinema, Kampnagel in Hamburg 2008

Danube Swabian Central Museum in Ulm 2009

Script, Directing, Editing: Helga Bahmer

Script, Cinematographer, Editing: Simone Friedel